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Kodak i3450

Product Description


The scanner is big and heavy enough—at 10.2 by 17 by 14.6 inches, that you might want some help moving it into place. Its general design makes it look much like a laser printer. The control panel, with its easy-to-read backlit LCD and control buttons you can use to choose a scan profile and then start a scan, is a nice touch. The LCD offers three rows of 18 characters each. Kodak Alaris rates the i3450 at 90 pages per minute (ppm) for simplex (one-sided) scanning and 180 images per minute (ipm) for duplex. Its maximum recommended daily volume is a hefty 20,000 pages, which makes it well-suited for heavy-duty use.  If you connect it to a system with USB 3.0 ports, you'll likely see better performance.