Welcome To Continental Copier Company

Continental Copier Co.

A Delhi based Company, Continental Copier Co. started out in 1992 selling/ renting photocopiers  for small and big companies. By 2008, Continental started full blast operations providing High Speed Machines ,printers ,scanners and introducing Colour Ink Jet and Colour Laser Printers to major corporate.

Today, Continental services more than 500 Clients.

With a growth rate of 100% every year, the company is now set to serve the growing demand of the market for affordable quality printing.

Continental Copier Co. is committed to provide indispensable quality products. This is achieved by providing its clients with world-class printers and remanufactured products back up by fast and reliable technical support and product warranty. Continental’s capability to match its products with specific business environs ensures customers of solutions that fully address their requirements.

It’s competitive pricing, technical expertise, its ability to quickly respond to the demands of its clients by providing the most efficient and cost effective solutions have given the company a high hope to lead in the Delhi NCR printing solutions.

Creative, resourceful, self-confident and customer focused are continental’s main character. The company strongly values the formation of long lasting relationships with its clients. Client welfare and satisfaction tops the list of our concerns.

We wish to introduce our company, “continental copier co.” to your esteemed organization as a “service driven and service-oriented” company. Our company is est. From 1992  and has ample experience in providing prompt and efficient service to customers in and around Delhi. Our company is managed by professionals from the office automation sector. All our staff members possess years of experience in handling customers of international organizations, diplomatic missions, United Nations Organizations, MNCs and Corporate Our service focus is an office automation sector.

In the matter of taking photocopiers on rental basis from us, you save on initial capital that is required to be invested. Apart from providing the machines in very good condition, we also take care of the spares and timely servicing and repair work of the machines so that the office work does not suffer. The consumable such as toner and charger that would have needed during the period of operation will be at our expense In case you need other office equipment’s for the efficient functioning of your organization, please feel free to submit a proposal to us; it will be our pleasure and endeavour  to provide them to you.

Looking forward to an opportunity to be of service to your organization, we remain Your sincerely,



To see our printer rental service gained the trust of 100,000 companies in the India in a way that brings glory to God.


To make a daily commitment to improve continuously internal and external work processes.

  • Passion– Commitment to support our mission. Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best result. Commitment to apply biblical principles at the workplace. Acknowledging that God is the true owner of the company
    • – Believe, embrace workout our mission. Make every decision based on our vision and mission.
    • – Seek, know and follow God in our workplace.
    • – When conflict between our policies and biblical principles, the command of God overrides human policies.
  • Respect and Cooperation– Build a positive team and family spirit. Giving due respect to self and others. Maintain the environment of team work and growth.
    • – Build relationship with co-workers, remove divisions and work as a team.
    • – Acknowledge that we are interdependent on each other.
    • – Every employee plays important role. No one is above the other.
    • – Acknowledging that each one needs to do each own assigned task well because it will affect everyone’s job including customer.
    • – Show love to co-workers by regarding them as more important should be lived by daily.
    • – Be open to correction and take it as an opportunity to improve.
  • Empowerment– Empowering the employees to take initiative and give the best. To come out with new creative ideas that has the potential to change the world. Be Adventurous and open-minded.
    • – Allowing each worker to observe and suggest solution.
    • – Each one’s ideas will be equally heard and evaluated.
    • – Leaders are given authorities to plan and analyze solutions and implement it
  • Continuous Improvement– Improving every day is better than pursuing perfection.
    • – Each one is required to submit a list of things to improve within their assigned task.
    • – This list will be given solution. It will be implemented and monitored.
    • – Progression everyday is our motto.
    • – Measurement of what we do is vital in our goal to improve.
  • Integrity– to act without compromising the truth. Fulfill what we promise and make money without doing evil. Do not cheat or give false assurance to customer.
    • – Be honest with all transactions with customer.
    • – Be diligent in our work.
  • Sense of Urgency– Responding with a sense of urgency is the key to success. Do not let the customer wait.
    • – Each employee has the mindset of finishing the task now. Not putting things off for the next day.
  • Efficiency– Do More With Less. Being efficient and effective in our approach to deliver more products and services output for less time, less wastage, less back job, fewer materials, less labour and less trouble. Implement automation at all levels.
    • – Anticipate future problems in advance.
    • – Design a system that is fool proof and memory loss proof.



Services Offered



Rent a Printer


  • Inkjet Printer – Print All You Can
  • Laser Printers – Basic & Network Ready
  • Rental includes supply of machine, parts, repair, toner, onsite delivery of consumable


Rent a Copier(Digital)

  • Laser quality printout with additional functions such as Print, Scan, Fax, PC Scan.


  Maintenance Program

  • We provide complete maintenance program to company owned printers and provide toner, parts, repair, cleaning, and on site deliveries of consumable.


Laser Toner Refill

  • Complete Toner recharging
  • Cartridge Cleaning PCR
  • Magnet Roll Restoration etc..